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There are many diseases which affect trees.  Cloudy Sky Tree Service will inspect your trees for free to insure that they are free from disease.  Some common examples of diseases include conk and canker disease.  Canker disease is a big bulging on the trunk of trees.  Conk is a disease of tree's that eats at the tree from the inside out. Some decay fungi such as Armillaria mellea produce typical, fleshy, mushroom- shaped fruiting bodies at the base of infected trees after a rain in fall or winter. Often times the only visibility of Conk is the external growth. Conk and other similar diseases will destroy the tree sometimes in a matter of months or a few years. Once a tree is infected, the disease will eat away at the tree, causing the tree to be unable to support it's own weight and fall over. This is especially true when high winds or saturated grounds cause additional stress on the tree.

Trees that can cause personal injury or property damage if they fall should be regularly inspected by a qualified expert for signs of wood decay and other structural weakness. Hazardous trees should be trimmed, cabled, braced, or removed.

For a free, no obligation inspection, give Cloudy Sky Tree Service a call at (206) 354- 9491. We can inspect your tree and let you know what options you have.



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