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Ivy is a silent killer of trees. Much of the Ivy in this area is "English Ivy". It is not native to this part of the world. Ivy can wrap around the trunk and branches. As it grows, it slowly begins to strangle the tree. If left alone, eventually it will kill the tree making it very dangerous and susceptible to falling. Keeping the ivy trimmed away from the tree is something many homeowners do themselves. If it has become too much, give us a call and we can dispatch a ground crew for most jobs. The consultation and estimate is free with no obligation. Call (206) 354- 9491 to set a time.

Ivy wrapped on a tree chokes it, rots it because it's like a wet blanket on a tree, causes parasitic activity, and worse of all, increases the weight and density of the tree, causing it to be more likely to be blown over.


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