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When tall trees are in a forest grouped together, they are generally very strong because they protect each other from the wind . When areas are cleared and neighborhoods spring up, they lose their protection from the wind which makes them potentially very dangerous

The typical Evergreen tree grows 2- 3' every year and adds on the extra branches, needles and pine cones. It is estimated that evergreens can pack on an extra 50- 100 pounds a year, making them "top heavy" and dangerous.

Cloudy Sky Tree Service will preform various procedures such as wind sailing, centering, dead branch removal and balancing of the tree to protect your family, home and tree. When tree's are properly maintained, their overall health will improve as well.

Cloudy Sky Tree Service offers a free, no obligation inspection of your tree's. We will preform a thorough inspection and outline a plan of action to fit your families specific needs regarding the tree's. If work is found to do, you will be provided with an estimate. To schedule a consultation, call  (206) 354- 9491. 

The root systems on these trees are only 2 feet deep, 10 feet wide. They're not getting deeper or wider. However, they grow 2 feet a year! That means the hazard rating on these trees are exponentially increasing through the years.

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