Get Rid of Nasty Stumps

Get Rid of Nasty Stumps

We provide stump grinding and stump removal in Bonney Lake & Kent, WA and beyond

Did you know that stumps are dangerous? A stump is a tripping hazard for kids and can also host pests and root diseases. That means stumps need to be removed. Cloudy Sky Tree Service makes stump removal simple.

Our team uses a stump grinding method to chip away at the wood of the stump. Once the stump has been ground, we'll remove any debris away from the site and off your property.

Take care of stubborn stumps. Contact us today for professional stump removal in Bonney Lake, Kent, WA or the surrounding areas.

How our stump grinding method is different

Stumps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. That means it can be difficult to remove them properly. Thankfully, our team has a:

  • Small machine for hard-to-reach areas
  • Large machine for bigger stumps that are hard to remove
  • Wealth of experience in stump grinding

We have two decades of experience in stump grinding and removal services. Call 253-263-6039 today to reserve an appointment with our experienced team.