Take Care of Your Tree Limbs

Take Care of Your Tree Limbs

Choose our tree trimming or tree pruning in Bonney Lake, Kent, WA or the nearby region

Terrific trees look good when properly pruned. Count on Cloudy Sky Tree Service for terrific tree care services in the Bonney Lake & Kent, WA areas. We offer tree trimming and tree pruning services for the best all-around treatment.

If you choose our tree trimming service, our team will cut the limbs you want to be removed. It's a great way to revive the look of your property. Tree pruning, on the other hand, removes branches that are diseased or growing improperly. Our team will remove those limbs immediately to protect your trees' health.

Each service meets the International Society of Arboriculture's standards. That means you're getting world-class tree maintenance every time.

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Here are our other tree maintenance services

In addition to tree trimming and tree pruning, we provide several other maintenance services. Ask about our:

  • Windsail and canopy reductions
  • Wood chipping and hauling
  • Debris cleanup service

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Improve Your Space

Whether you're managing an apartment building or your own home, our balancing and view improvement services can offer smart solutions on improving your space. We'll trim tree branches, provide corrective pruning, and do wind sail and canopy reductions where necessary.

We know just how dangerous a damaged, diseased or poorly placed tree can be. Tree removal is a dangerous task that requires knowledge, skills and tools to perform safely without risking people, animals or buildings and is best left to trained, licensed, and insured tree removal professionals. Our professional crew has years of experience working with difficult cases, from standard to hazardous tree removals in King County.

🌳Tree Removal
🌳24/7 Emergency Tree Services
🌳Tree Trimming
🌳Wind Sail & Canopy Reductions
🌳Wood Chipping & Hauling
🌳Tree Stump Removal & Grinding
🌳Hazardous Tree & Limb Removal
🌳Tree Thinning & Pruning
🌳Balancing & View Improvement
🌳Lot Clearing & Logging
🌳Shrub Removal

Practical & Aesthetic Shrub Services

Our shrub trimming and removal services in King County are perfect for homes and businesses alike. We offer everything from trimming to complete removals depending on what you need. Our expert team can help balance a yard or improve a view from inside. Avoid shrubs taking over your sidewalks and pathways with effective pruning that won't harm the plant. Redo your landscaping without invasive species or let us help you start fresh with a blank slate. For commercial or unbuilt residential plots, we provide lot clearing services as well so that we can have the right conditions to begin construction safely.

🌳Shrub Removal
🌳Balancing & View Improvement
🌳Shrub Thinning
🌳Lot Clearing
🌳Shrub Roots Removal
🌳Shrub Trimming & Pruning
🌳Wood Chipping & Hauling